St.Jude's Parish launched  Project Advance
campaign on April 27, 2019. Our parish share of the overall diocesan goal is $41,000, plus expenses.

However, our own parish goal is to raise $100,000.00
because everything we raise over the archdiocesan goal
comes back to us.

Can we do it???
Yes, we can! If we respond to the Lord with
the same generosity we have received from Him.
Project Advance helps us meet the material and spiritual
need of our Church and parishes. For us, at St. Jude’s, it is
our means to raise funds for capital projects such as the roof
in the church, which is in need of repair. It also helps
support the construction and renovations of our schools,
provide grants for special ministries in the Archdiocese and
acquire land for new parishes. Every gift is important and
appreciated, regardless of the amount and gratefully
appreciated. Volunteers will be available in the church
vestibule to assist you. If you prefer, you can also give
online at

Thank you for your consideration and support.